Air-Operated (AOD) Pumps

Air Operated Diaphragm Pump DiagramAir operated diaphragm pumps (AOD) or Air-Driven PumpsĀ are ideal for moving sludge and slurries. Solids-laden fluids like sludge and slurry are hard to move — unless you’re using an air operated diaphragm pump.

Air is driven into the bottom of the air cylinder, raising the piston inside and lifting the diaphragm. As the diaphragm is raised, the check valve ball on the intake side is lifted and liquid flows into the pump. When the piston has risen to the top, the pump cavity is filled and the pump is ready for discharge.

Compressed air is then forced into the top of the diaphragm chamber, pushing the diaphragm down and evacuating the pump cavity. The check-valve ball on the discharge side is lifted and the pump is ready for the next cycle.

Because an air operated diaphragm has limited moving parts, there’s almost nothing to maintain or wear out. Rebuild costs are reduced and are built for years of trouble-free operation.

AOD Pumps In-Stock:

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ManufacturerModelConditionQtyPortInOutMaterialDescription (External)
ITT Marlow1 AOD-SNNNNew Surplus1Threaded1.01.0Stainless 316NEOPRENE DIAPHRAGMS, BALLS AND SEATS
SandpiperNAUsed1Flanged3.03.0Stainless 316
SandpiperS15B1A1SANS100New Surplus1Threaded1.51.5Stainless Steel
SandpiperS15B1ANWANS000New Surplus1Threaded1.51.5Stainless Steel
SandpiperS30B1SBBABS000Used1Threaded3.03.0Stainless 316
SandpiperSSA2AUsed1Threaded2.52.5Stainless Steel
WildenM8Used3Flanged2.02.0PolypropyleneCHIPPED FLANGED AT BOLT HOLE
WildenM8Used2Flanged2.02.0Polypropylene2" POLY
Versa-MaticE2SA6D560Used1Threaded2.02.0Stainless 316
WildenM8Used13Threaded2.02.0Stainless 316
WildenT15Used1Flanged3.03.0Stainless Steel
WildenT15Used1Threaded3.03.0Stainless Steel
WildenNAUsed1Threaded1.01.0Cast IronVERSA-MATIC