Hose Pumps

Hose Pump DiagramHose pumps are self-priming rotary positive displacement pumps that operate on the peristaltic principle. The pump consists of three major parts: hose, housing and rotor. The hose is placed in the tubing bed—between the rotor and the housing—where it is occluded (squeezed).

The rollers or shoes on the rotor move across the hose, pushing the fluid. The tubing behind the shoe or roller recovers its shape, creating a vacuum and drawing fluid in behind it. A pillow of fluid is formed between the rollers specific to the interior diameter (ID) of the hose and the geometry of the rotor. Flow rate is determined by multiplying speed (rpm) by the volume of the pillow. This pillow volume is consistent, even under a wide range of viscosity.

Hose/Drum Pumps In-Stock:

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ManufacturerModelConditionQtyPortGPMHeadMaterialDescription (External)
Bredel HoseSP-10New Surplus1OtherOther
Bredel HoseSP/15Used2Threaded750Natural Rubber
Bredel HoseSP/40Used2Flanged39232Natural Rubber
Bredel HoseSP/SP32New Surplus1Flanged251600Natural RubberGEAR 71:1, 1.5HP MOTOR, 145TC 1755 RPM
Randolph750New Surplus1Other10Cast Iron15/16" OD X 5/8" ID - 390 GPH, 1-1/16" OD X 3/4" ID - 570 GPH
WaukeshaSP/10New Surplus1Threaded
VantonCC-P-12BNew Surplus1Threaded
Bredel HoseSP-25Used1OtherWITH 3 HP MOTOR AT 1655 RPM
Bredel HoseJP/25Used1FlangedPACKAGED W/ 1HP @ 1700RPM