Viking® Pump Parts

Below is a list of Viking® pump parts. This list may not be exhaustive as we are always adding more items; if you need a pump part that is not listed, please contact us (717-838-5356) to see if we have it in stock as well as any pricing information. To find your item easier, use the "Search" feature on the upper right hand of the table below.
Part NumberDescriptionConditionQuantityNotes
2-055-021-375-00BB ST 1.38 2.38 1.06 J-LL #New3
2-094-008-880-00BSG CSG CG F-FH32 56 74 F-G7247
2-108-009-454-04BSG IDL BZ AL-KK SER SEE R65014
2-108-015-880-02BSG IDL CG AL893-897 4193-4197New1
2-109-003-880-00BSG BRKT/CSG NCH CG H-HL R6509
2-109-012-454-00BSG BRKT/CSG NCH BZ H HL R65014
2-109-040-768-00BSG CSG/PB SIL HJ HL893-8976
2-116-006-880-00BSG BRKT/CSG NCH CG K-LL HD2
2-116-016-454-04BSG IDL BZ LL32 123 124A 125New1
2-116-031-454-00BSG BRKT/CSG NCH BZ K-LL HD11
2-121-023-880-04BSG IDL CG LS127 227 4127 42272
2-140-028-100-00END CAP INNER #034 BRG QM R65043W/LS-1W/O
2-140-029-100-00END CAP OUTER #034 BRG QM R65062W/LS-4W/O
2-140-034-722-00END CAP INNER ALM K-LL R65013
2-140-035-722-00END CAP ALM OUTER K-LL R65019
2-283-014-378-00LPSL BN .25 1.62 2.38 K-LL TBK15
2-283-023-378-00LPSL BN .25 1.44 2.25 R6506
2-288-006-21D-00BRG SPACER COLLAR 21D J-LL HDU55
2-309-001-806-15GSK HEAD 806 3309002 H HL R650New12
2-310-002-806-15GSK HEAD 806 F FJ724 4724 R6501
2-416-205-354-32IDLER PM FH R650New2
2-433-023-634-00PIN IDL COL PLN HJ4197 HL127A#New3
2-435-012-291-00PIN IDL HST LUB AL4195 KK125 #6
2-435-051-629-00PIN IDL 629 LUB AS AK4197 K3
2-436-004-760-00PIN IDL 760 PLN LL500B 4500B #New1
2-436-007-291-00PIN IDL HST LUB LL32 124A 125#New1
2-465-007-630-00LANT RING SS 1-7/16 SHAFT28
2-472-012-999-00SEAL .62 JC TN F-FH-G4724575.25 net1
2-475-025-999-00SEAL 1.00 JC T9 TN STE SSNew3
2-480-004-999-00SEAL 2.44 JC VN Q-QR-M-MR R650New1
2-513-010-860-00ORG 3" FLG BN 4.25 LQ LL R650New6
2-520-008-830-00PKG SD 3/4 X 1-5/16 H-HL3210
2-520-012-830-00PKG SD 1-1/8 X 1-5/8 R65066
2-524-018-630-00PKG GLAND 316 SS K-LL724 R6507
2-524-031-100-00PKG GLAND IN LS124 125 2251
2-524-044-630-00K LL4124A SS PKG GLAND8
2-557-004-370-00HALF ROUND RING ST 1-3/8 SHF49
3-060-023-999-00BRG HSG ASSY ALM AK-LL HD R6503
3-060-025-999-00BRG HSG ASSY ALM H-HL724 R65095U/1NEW
3-060-030-999-00BRG HSG ASSY IN Q-M124-4124New1
3-060-049-999-00AS AK AL4193 4197 BRG HSG ASSY3
3-060-053-922-00GG4197 BRG HSG & SETSCREW4
3-060-067-999-00BRG HSG ASSY IN K-LL UNIV BRKT42N/2U
3-060-074-999-00BRG HSG ASSY ALM HJ-HL4193 97#2
3-312-002-999-00HEAD GSK SET HT L-LQ-LL R650New2
3-360-200-011-00HEAD PLN & PIN IN NIT FH R650New2
3-371-011-784-00HEAD RV & PIN SS COL H R6501
3-380-200-601-00K PLAIN BRZ HEAD SST PINNew1
3-416-201-701-30IDLER & BSG SS CG FH724 47241
3-418-401-701-42IDLER & BSG SS CG HL724 47242
3-418-403-105-42IDLER & BSG IN CG HL SM B R6504
3-418-414-710-42HL 316 SST IDLER CER BSHG1
3-419-417-997-54IDLER & BSG RY CG AK R650New1
3-420-209-052-54IDLER & BSG IN BZ K R650New2
3-421-002-080-54IDLER & BSG IN CG L-LQ R650New1
3-421-300-052-54IDLER & BSG IN BZ LS R650New1
3-563-201-563-00R/S STST 5.5L FOE FH32 56 74 #New2
2-140-033-722-00END CAP OUTER ALM H-HL R650114W/LS-7W/O
2-140-005-100-00END CAP OUTER LL-LS SEE R650149ZINC-5ALUM
2-140-032-722-00END CAP INNER ALM H-HL R65032W/LS-1W/O
2-465-003-630-00LANT RING SS 1-1/8 SHAFT8
2-283-067-378-00LPSL BN .25 1.19 1.75 H HL TBK5
3-571-359-724-47R/S SS SS K724-4724 R6502
3-571-553-724-47R/S SS SS KK724-4724 R6504
3-567-155-724-36RTR&SHF SSSS H HD 12.125L9
3-570-352-088-00K HD R/S IRN IND HND5
3-570-552-088-00KK HD R/S IRN IND HND2
3-573-153-724-47R/S SS SS L-LQ724-4724 R6502
3-572-155-625-00R/S BZ ST L-LQ HD 16-5/8K R6501
3-572-155-088-00L-LQ HD R/S IRN IND HND6
3-573-361-724-47R/S SS SS LL724-4724 R6507
3-573-361-43S-47R/S ST ST LL HD 16-5/8K R65062W/SHRT SFT
3-573-806-724-47R/S SS SS LS HD 16-7/8K R6501
3-573-806-45J-47R/S ST ST LS HD 16-7/8K R6501
3-575-159-49J-77Q125 R/S STL IND HDN3
3-575-159-724-47R/S SS SS Q127 227 4127 42272
3-575-159-43S-67Q125 R/S STL STL 2204K1
3-396-011-784-00HEAD RV & PIN SS COL M R6501
3-381-221-784-00HEAD RV & PIN SS COL K R6502
3-386-219-784-00HEAD RV & PIN SS COL LL R6505
3-381-400-088-00HEAD RV & PIN IN HST KK R6503
3-386-200-088-00HEAD RV & PIN IN HST LL R6505
3-382-409-088-00HEAD MACH & PIN IN HST KK R6502
3-386-001-088-00HEAD RV & PIN IN HST L-LQ R6504
3-385-200-088-00HEAD PLN & PIN IN HST LL R6507
2-294-435-100-00JKTD HEAD PLT IN L-LQ-LL1
3-391-036-71W-00HEAD RV&PIN SS629 Q4127A21W/ BAD PIN
3-381-200-088-00HEAD RV & PIN IN HST K R6503
3-382-205-41G-00HEAD PLN & PIN ST HST K R650
3-382-217-784-00HEAD PLN & PIN SS COL K R6503
3-380-200-088-00HEAD PLN & PIN IN HST K R6504
3-381-419-784-00HEAD RV & PIN SS COL KK R6503
3-382-421-784-00HEAD PLN & PIN SS COL KK R6504
3-386-027-784-00HEAD RV & PIN SS COL L-LQ R6503
3-387-011-088-00HEAD MACH & PIN INHST L-LQR6501
3-387-216-784-00HEAD PLN & PIN SS COL LL R6501
3-576-354-312-47R/S DUC ST N-NR HD 29-1/2KR6501
3-795-200-000-03RV IN INT G-H-HL ST SPG 30-752NO PIN
2-447-005-291-00PIN IDL HST LUB SHO Q M32 125#2
2-116-018-880-04BSG IDL CG LL32 124A 125 R6503
2-126-003-880-00BSG BRKT CG Q QS127 127A 41274
2-129-007-114-05BSG IDL HI Q M SER R6501
2-129-009-880-05BSG IDL CG Q M SER R6501
2-108-014-880-02BSG IDL CG AK4193-4197 893-8971
2-437-007-291-00PIN IDL HST LUB LS123 124 125#1
2-091-014-880-02BSG IDL CG G724 4724 GV12675
2-288-040-21D-00BRG SPACER COLLAR 21D INR K-LL24
2-095-001-454-02BSG IDL BZ HL32 123 124A 125 #30
2-109-017-454-00BSG CSG/RBS BZ J-KK32 1511
2-154-008-375-00CPS RECT ST 7/16 NC 2.125L4
2-307-011-806-15GSK RV MTG 806 L-LS R6504
2-314-001-806-15GSK BRKT/HEAD 3314007 L-LL LS2
2-312-001-806-15GSK HEAD 806 3312002 L-LL SER#2
3-213-800-700-00CSG & BSG SS CG K-KK724 2"T86N/2U
3-223-003-700-00CSG & BSG SS CG LQ724 2-1/2"F97U/2N
2-213-809-630-00CSG SS 3"F K KK72421N/1U
3-420-401-080-54IDLER & BSG IN CG KK R65032N/1U
3-421-201-080-54IDLER & BSG IN CG LL R65042N/1U
3-422-005-080-75IDLER & BSG IN CG Q-QR R6504
3-422-039-084-78IDLER & BSG IN TNG Q-QR R650 #2
3-422-005-603-75IDLER & BSG BZ CG Q-QR R6501
3-423-018-090-78IDLER & BSG IN CER M624 46252
3-422-043-784-75IDLER & BSG 316SS COL Q-QR2
3-422-019-090-78IDLER & BSG IN CER Q624 46251
3-423-003-080-75IDLER & BSG IN CG M-MR R6501